Fashion films are becoming more and more popular as the years go by. These short films aren’t just about clothes and shoes. Many of them have world famous directors and even star current celebs and artists. If by any chance you’ve missed these short gems of film here are a few notable ones that you’ll want to check out soon. 

Reincarnation Chanel by Karl Lagerfeld

With a celebrity filled cast and Karl Lagerfeld as the director, this film was highly anticipated and probably one of the most talked about fashion films this summer. As with any Chanel show everyone is dressed the part in full on Chanel. At opening we are introduced to a waitress, played by Cara Delevinge, who is scurrying around causing trouble throughout the dining hall and main lobby of a Parisian Hotel. Within this introduction we also meet the elevator bell boy played by Pharell Williams and a heavily accessorized but very chic older woman played by Geraldine Chaplin. After all the hustle in the dining area, the older woman heads to the front desk to accept her key and makes her way upstairs via the elevator. At midnight two paintings of what appear to be a prince and a princess come to life, via Pharell as the prince and Cara as the princess. The pair sing and dance to the original song “The World”. Pharell is dressed very regal in red pants with gold tuxedo stripes and a white double breasted jacket complete with a sash. Cara beautifully wears a Chanel haute couture gown. As the song and dance end the pair fade and morning brings them back to their respected job roles. Pharell awakens abruptly in time to catch the older woman coming out of the elevator. She asks him where he got his jacket and he responds “They’ve only made it for me”. She looks puzzled for only a second, and then in what is my favorite part of this entire film, she looks at the camera and says “Then I will make one for me”. If it didn’t click before, we now know that the heavily accessorized but very chic women, played by Geraldine Chaplin is Mademoiselle Coco Chanel.

The Postman Dreams by Autumn de Wilde

In a series of short films Prada features a few of their amazing handbags in a very Italian way. This first film sets the tone of the series which will focus on handbags, with several of the films dedicated to the iconic Galleria bag. As the film begins we are introduced to a five piece band and of course to the postman, who while sorting his mail slips into a daydream about the Galleria bag. He is then awakened by the blare of a horn sounding sending his packages into a disarray, and him on his daily route. The Galleria bag takes front stage again in “The Laundromat” , “The Battlefield” and “The Tree”. In each of these films the Galleria is featured in very different ways but still evoking the presence of a classic handbag. In “The Laundromat” a bright yellow handbag is paired with an equally eccentric middle aged pin up woman doing her laundry. In “The Battlefield”, the muted olive color and roomy interior of the are the perfect setting for a battlefield arena for a boys army figures. The last film “The Tree” shows a leather clad girl motor biking down a country road. She approaches a tree that grows red Galleria bags as an apple tree would. Assessing the tree she knocks one of the bags down collects it and swings it across her body. She the slides back on the bike showing us that even cool girls know the beauty and sophistication that comes with a classic bag like the Galleria by Prada.

Dolce & Gabbana AD Campaign: Summer 2015

This season D&G decided to use family as the main focus for its advertising campaign. This film brings all the glamour and rustic Italian charm that the brand is so well known for. Amongst a brightly lit background models young and old, male and female beat the heat in Dolce&Gabbana S/S 2015 collection pieces. The women wear their signature D&G red lips and middle parted hair pulled tightly back into a low bun, and the men wear slicked back hair and hollowed cheeks, giving them a chiseled and Italian look. The guitar begins playing and everyone gets up and starts joyfully dancing in what looks like a family gathering. Lots of smiles and laughter add to the feeling of family and friends dancing around having a good time and enjoying each other’s company. With all that’s going on there is still so much emphasis on the actual clothing. The ad shows a range of the looks that were presented on the runway from the hot pants and blouses to flowing dresses and jewel adorned ankle boots. 

Des Djess: Women’s Tales #9 by Mui Mui

In true staying true to the Mui Mui brand, this short film is very different and a bit weird. It begins noting that the actors aren't using words from actual languages only words and sounds made specifically for this film. In the first scene garment bags are being pulled out of the water and taken into a boarding school like setting to dry. Each garment bag containing a look from the Mui Mui collection is then handed to the girls. The main hall is silent and empty awaiting their return. As the first girl steps forward a group of male photographers flock to her and begin"shooting" her with their digital cameras. She meekly smiles just as the camera crew runs to the next girl in head to toe Mui Mui. Each look is beautifully styled with avant garde accessories and shoes. The next woman comes out and the photographers run to her and begin shooting until she collapses on the ground. The one dress that has been left alone is now taken to the woman will be wearing it by one of the maids. A heated discussion between this woman intended to wear the dress and what appears to be a styling team results in the dress crumpled on the floor and everyone storming out. The evening comes to a close and the maid finds the dress while doing her nightly chores. The dress unfolds on the floor, and the maid slips into it. She walks out of the dressing room and into the hall where the photographers are still lingering. Trying to avoid them she carries this gorgeous gown down the hall but is soon spotted by the pack of photographers. She stops and the all photographers point and are ready to shoot when every camera’s battery dies. The girl in the dress that was never shot stands there and laughs. This was one of my favorite films because it artfully described the current state of the fashion industry today. 

Kendall’s Burn Book - by Dazed and Confused

Though the title leaves little mystery to this film it is still a very good concept. Kendall Jenner faces a lot of adversity and receives a lot of negative feedback from the fashion lovers all over regarding her placement in the fashion industry. In this film Kendall takes the iconic Burn Book from 2004’s Mean Girls and makes it her own. In it she writes and says allowed almost every stereotype or diss she’s been given about being a model and in the fashion limelight. It’s eye opening to see how aware she is of what people are saying about her and very brave for her to have done this film. It definitely sends a strong message that she does not care what people think of her in this industry and that is a very good take away from this film.

Stella Sport x Adidas

In a colorful fun computer graphic video, fresh faced girls dressed in Stella x Adidas athletic gear run, jump, push and hurdle to the cool sounds of Kero Kero Bonito. Each girl looks very concentrated as she works hard to push herself to that next athletic level. The aesthetic of this film really pairs well with the clothes and show cases the fun but serious girl power vibe Stella McCartney brings to her RTW shows. At the end of the film the girls arrive at the same location looking effortlessly cool after completing a full workout. Which, is all we really ever want from athletic wear.

The Bubble by Aaron Rose for COS

In this very interesting short film Aaron Rose displays the different dynamics of a night in LA and in NY. The film starts out in a local LA hangout. The vibe is very clean and casual. Girls and guys wear collared white button ups, sheer loose fitting blouses and chunky knits in bright colors. The blue lighting adds to the downtown cool vibe of LA. Soon the scene cuts to NY. A girl in a fluffy sweater with a braid down her back walks up a dark stair well into a gritty bar. We are then introduced to the group in NY. They are not as put together as the LA group. Girls and guys alike wearing coats and scarves in dark hues synonymous with NY like grey and black. Their hair is a bit disheveled and the guys beards and mustaches are perfectly messy. This film does a great job showcasing COS clothing in both settings and an even better job showing how different each city is even on the same occasion such as a night out.

Longchamp: Ladies Ladies Ladies

This poppy film showcases women’s footwear and accessories. The camera focuses on the lower half of the each group of women to show their shoes, tights, socks and even handbag as they maneuver through their day. Each group quickly moves about keeping pace with the music. The upbeat soundtrack and colorful selection of shoes and tights make this a stand out film and good campaign video.

Lykke Li & The Lady Web for Gucci

The combination of Lykke Li’s song Just Like a Dream and Gucci’s spring RTW line is kind of perfect. In this campaign film she drives and lounges effortlessly in Gucci’s 70’s chic clothing. The golden lighting and California location provide the perfect backdrop for paisley print tunics, fur vests and snakeskin boots.  A wide range of the items are styled beautifully in this film and showed just how wearable the collection is. There is even good emphasis on the accessories and the return of the saddle bag in full on retro Gucci print.  

Written by Jessica Fields
Edited by Anya Rybina

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