A is for… Appliqué
Ornamental needlework shapes made from textile fabric and sewn onto another material as decoration

B is for… Bustle

An important element of style in women’s clothing during the late 19th century, bustle is a general term that refers to the fullness in a skirt (Seen especially in evening dresses)

C is for… Chine Print
A style of printing in which the lengthwise yarns are placed on a loom, a design is printed on them, and then the crosswise yarns are inserted back in. This technique results in a hazy, obscured appearance that is often used for gowns and other decorative pieces.


D is for… Dart
Folds sewn into fabric to provide shape in a garment; most often found in the bust of a women’s garment.

E is for… Espadrille
A shoe with a canvas upper and rope sole; initially a slip-on shoe but today describes many different styles of shoes that appear to be made out of rope.

F is for… Fashion Tribes
Modern fashion has moved away from the notion of one universal style and has instead formed various segments of consumers, especially the young, each of which has its own style. These tribes include punk, goth, and hipster.

G is for… Grecian
Often used to describe garments, Grecian refers to the aesthetic look of Ancient Greece, especially its mythology. Grecian looks often include off-the-shoulder or one-shoulder, long, flowing looks and braided details. They are also often seen in earthy or metallic colors.

H is for… Herringbone
A V-shaped weave in fabric that resembles the skeleton of a herring fish; often seen in blazers and coats.

I is for… Iridescent
Describes a fabric that shows luminous color and appears to change color in different light and at varying angles.

J is for… Just-in-time Manufacturing
A system of manufacturing in which materials are produces at exactly the time they are needed. This system results in no expensive storing of inventory.

K is for… Karl Lagerfeld
Head designer and creative director for both Chanel and Fendi, Lagerfeld has proven himself a force to be reckoned with over the last five decades, mastering the fields of fashion design, art, photography, and film.

L is for… Loafer
A moccasin-style slip-on shoe that has a slotted strap stitched to the front of the shoe. When the strap has a coin inserted in the slot, the shoe is called a penny loafer. When it has a tassel at the front, it is called a tassel-top loafer.

M is for… Macrame
A hand technique used on various summer garments that is produced by knotting two to four or more yarns, strings, or chords into various decorative patterns.

N is for… Necklines
Necklines, as their name suggests, outline the upper edge of garments around or below the neck. They come in a range of styles, from low to high and V to scoop.


O is for… Ombré
A gradual change of one shade in fabric from dark to light; also referred to as degradé.

P is for… Peplum
A flared or ruffled section on a jacket or blouse that extends a small distance below the waistline.

Q is for… Quilting
A technique in which two or more fabrics, usually with padding in between, are sewn together with lines of stitching; padded in appearance and thus popular for coats, jackets, and footwear.


R is for… Raglan
The style of a sleeve where a continuous piece of fabric continues to the neck with no shoulder seem; Seen on bomber jackets and baseball T-shirts.


S is for… Seersucker
A thin, cotton fabric that, because of the way it is stitched, stands away from the body, allowing for air circulation.

T is for… Trompe L’Oeil
An artistic technique in which realistic imagery is printed onto a garment to make it appear three-dimensional.

U is for… Unitard
A skin-tight garment, often made of spandex or rayon, that covers the body from the neck to the wrists and ankles.

V is for… Vogue
The most prominent fashion magazine in the world, Vogue is the ultimate authority on fashion. Though many countries now have their version of Vogue, American Vogue is the oldest and is currently celebrating its 125th birthday.

W is for… Welt Pockets
A pocket set into the garment with a slit entrance, rather than a patch or flap pocket.

X is for… X-Ray Fabric
Sheer fabrics with a translucent effect; popular in summer styles.


Y is for… Yoke
The frame or bar fitted to a person to help carry and distribute weight evenly; often around the shoulders or waist to emphasize the form of a garment.

Z is for… Zippers
Hookless fasteners, used especially on jackets and pants, zippers have two rows of teeth that slide together to bind and fasten an opening; Zippers are thought to have become an integral part of fashion in the 1930s.

Visual editor OLGA SOROKINA

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