Demna Gvasalia is continuously edgy and pushes boundaries in the fashion world. The Balenciaga show was just that. A dark room comes to life with some heavy music and then a single light appears; more lights appear and smoke hovers over the runway. The models began to walk the runway, and at first there is a workwear feel. But as the show progresses the music becomes more haunting and we begin to see punk-inspired clothes, bold prints, and loose coats, all worn by a mixture of non-models like artist Eliza Douglas as well as runway favorites including Aymeline Valade.

One thing that became clear in this show was that Gvasalia does not easily scare away from print. From dollar bill prints on knife over-the-knee boots–now a signature of the Gvasalia’s era–and a matching coat. To pants that had a country scene printed on them. This season print is in! We also see a mixture of high waist plaid skirts, floral dresses mixed with animal print, and bold colors mixed together.

We also see a lot of accessories on the runway; a couple of them being a major surprise. Fanny packs appeared, and although they have been done by other designers this was the first time we saw it on Balenciaga’s. In the final looks we see models walk down the runway in long draped dresses and Crocs! Yes Crocs, except these Crocs were platforms that included their own/personalized Jibbitz. An item that was once deemed fashion suicide has now made its way on the runway–first with Christopher Kane, now with Gvasalia’s Balenciaga–and could eventually become something that is coveted.

Another common thing we saw was oversized everything! From bags—some looking like bowling ball storage, others being your XXL version of a regular fringe bag—to coats, and earrings. We first saw an overload of coats some coats that appear to hang from the neck without having to put your arms in to the sleeves. All different types including oversized leather vest with fringe on it, oversized shoulder pads.

One thing continuously becomes clear with each Balenciaga show: Gvasalia knows how to take the uncool looks of fashion and turn them into something that we all are dying for. It is exciting to see Gvasalia play with fashion rules and we are looking forward to see how these looks translate into real life and streetwear.

Photos Courtesy of BALENCIAGA, and REX via THE MIRROR