It is no longer a tough one with our 2016 most wanted pieces.
When it comes to Christmas shopping, panic swamp our bodies and minds—more so if it is for him. There is definitely a unique sense to it and we often complicate our life trying to think outside the box. Good news: we got your back. With these options there is no chance you may go wrong—except for the sneakers.


This is probably the most simple item you could ever buy, yet a very suitable gift. Try to find creative and colourful designs—polka-dots or even Christmas patterns—which will give a groovy touch to his look.


There's a pair of sneakers for every style... And that is it. If you are to buy limited editions, be aware of his size—you may regret it.


Every man will thank you for this one. Pick those in neutral colours and avoid monograms. It will give a classy sense and personality to his style.


Time is of essence to men. Watches are probably the most popular accessory among them. And, who wouldn't love a nice watch for Christmas?


Ties have become a "must" in men's wardrobes, but you've got to know the rules. Choose a colour that goes with most of his suits and shirts—if you get too creative, there is a chance he won't wear it at all.

Quilted/Puffa Jacket

More than a trend, it is this season’s statement piece. Neutral colours are the perfect choice—try to make his life easier, most men have a hard time when it comes to colour mixing.


This isn’t just for “hipster” guys, this is a piece that has become a regular during Men’s Fashion Week street style. A hat should go according to the face structure. If you aren’t sure which one to choose, take a picture of him and the store assistant will definitely help you out.

Visual Editor by MARÍA JOSÉ GNZLVZ
Photos by Fashion beans & Mr.Porter