The argument of print vs. digital is never ending these days.  It’s a valid argument. As we move into Gen Z and a time of “how many pixels is HD?”, the further we move away from tangible, bendable, collectable print magazines. That said print may be phasing out but it is NOT dead. Check out these 5 unconventional and absolutely amazing magazines you need to know about right now.


Frequency: Bi-annual 

1st thing to know about AnOther magazine is that it’s published by Dazed Media. As in the media company behind the youth cult print magazine, Dazed & Confused. AnOther magazine is sort of the grown up version of that. It’s a true blend of fashion and art and a tiny bit of weird.  Articles and content ranges from fashion, beauty, art, design and photography. The editorial shoots are out of this world and feature models and celebs on the edge of fashion like Rihanna.


Frequency: Quarterly

Born in Australia during the early 90’s, Oyster is about fashion, music, beauty and nostalgic pop-culture. It’s a community where you can read about the latest from Rick Owens and the latest from Rick and Morty. Interesting and unique, Oyster is a great magazine to keep in the now for budding international photographers and models.


Frequency: Bi-annual

Another awesome Australian find is Frankie magazine. It’s less about brands and trends and more about modern fashion, photography and culture. Frankie also beat out Harper’s Bazaar and Vogue for Australian Fashion Magazine of The Year. This magazine is the epitome of effortlessly cool. It blends crafts and DIY with relevant designs to deliver articles and editorials that relate to all creative types.

Violet Book

Frequency: Varies

Violet is a true gem. It celebrates and uplifts all types of women all over the world. It is more than a fashion magazine and is well known for the quality of its writers and contributors.  Inside Violet you’ll find intriguing articles about down to earth celebs like Alexa Chung, Eva Green, Sarah Silverman and more.  It is a true collaborative celebration of talented women stylists, photographers, editors, writers and everything else you need for a successful magazine.

The Gentlewoman

Frequency: Varies

Though much better known, The Gentlewoman shouldn’t be left off this list. It features talented women with tasteful style. Inside The Gentlewoman, you’ll find exquisitely written articles on topics that range from politics to music and style.  Modern photography and a careful cover models keep The Gentlewoman a grounded publication and coveted collection magazine.