Street style is typically a genre reserved for female bloggers showing off the newest Chanel bag, or female editors darting from show to show in flamboyant fashions. There are very few men who stand alone in the street style world, let alone those who are recognized on sight, but Australian Justin O’Shea is one of those lucky male members of the club. From his shaved head and signature beard to his fitted three piece suits and numerous tattoos, O’Shea represents a new era of men in fashion, a modern bon vivant for the Instagram age, and luxury brand Brioni seems to agree. 

O’Shea came up in the fashion industry as the buyer and fashion director for German online retailer MyTheresa, a company he took from a small storefront in Munich to a major online fashion destination. His edgy, rough yet polished look was soon standing out at fashion weeks and art festivals around the world. It was announced in early 2016 that O’Shea would be leaving MyTheresa, after seven years with the company, to be appointed Creative Director for the Roman luxury tailoring brand Brioni.

Despite a lack of actual design experience, O’Shea represents a new future for the label, one where social media dominates advertising and a man can identify with a fitted suit with as much pride and ease as a new tattoo. 

Tasked with rebranding the classic label, O’Shea created a new logo with bold, gothic lettering and tapped Metallica to be the face of his first ad campaign, making a bold statement of the direction of his vision for the brand.  His first collection for Brioni debuted in Paris this summer, during the frenzy of couture week.

The clear formula was to call on the inspiration of  O’Shea’s own style, because that is what got him to this place, and the formula works. Impeccably tailored suits in luxurious textiles from soft velvet to fitted leather, confidently strode down the runway, accompanied by frameless black sunglasses and attaché briefcases lined with metal. The collection immediately drew comparisons to what Hedi Slimane did for Saint Laurent, turning a revered brand on it’s head and reinventing the suit for a modern customer.

O’Shea closed his first show by greeting the runway with an ear to ear smile and a floor sweeping fur coat, confident that his interpretation of new luxury, one that encompasses a rock and roll edge, a touch of flash, and historical tailoring would be a winning combination.  


Written by LIZ KRAMSKY
Visual editor IVAN GUERRERO

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