As time moves on technology does not stop improving and similarly to a domino effect, this alters the culture of consumerism which now firmly relies on experiential marketing. People want to feel close bonds with brands, they want to live the brand and participate in its journey. The power of digital campaigning lies in the outreach of an audience and in the awareness that it can generate along with it. We live in an era where the use of technology takes form everywhere and now even the high-end fashion world is responding to it.

Burberry's flagship store in London is allowing customers to take part in an innovative campaign that involves a booth and real-time video stitching technology powered by Google. The concept is simple, anyone who enters the booth will be able to create an exciting 15 second edit of Burberry's Festive Film ad campaign which celebrates 15 years of Billy Elliot. The official clip features an all-British cast who replicate the opening scene of the iconic movie. Consumers who enter the booth, will virtually be able to star alongside the cast and will receive a copy of the clip to cherish and share with the world.

This is not the first time the luxury brand has released engaging digital productions. Burberry partnered with Google for its "Burberry Kisses" campaign back in 2013. With the help of lip detection technology, people were able to capture and send a digital kiss to their loved ones. The fashion house also pushed tech boundaries when it claimed the role of first luxury brand to preview a fashion collection on Snapchat, where users were allowed to take a sneak peek of the Spring/Summer 2016 collection on the famous mobile app.   

It's not just Burberry that has embraced online interactivity but Gucci too has recognised how the internet is shaping our lives. Gucci's creative director Alessandro Michele believes creativity resides in digital media, which is why he decided to launch #GucciGram on photo sharing app Instagram. Guccigram is an original digital project that allowed instagrammers to create and upload an image that embodied the brand's prints: Gucci Blooms and Gucci Caleido. The purpose was to give freedom to users by allowing them to tell a story via visual means. The full selection of entries can be found on Gucci's official site and are nothing short of extraordinary.

Although it is almost ironic how people's desire to connect with brands and their peers is now a digital matter-where traditional face-to-face interaction in its purest form is simply not possible-there is no turning back, as this is the age for brand technology and we are driven by it. 

Written by Stefanie Cingari
Edited by Anne-Isabelle Saint-Pierre
Photos courtesy of: www.extron.comwww.stylus.comwww.elle.mywww.beingcoraline.comwww.mishmashfashionmagazine.com, www.digitalbuzzblog.com

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