Out of this World


Jeremy Scott never fails to bring a smile to the world’s face with his use of bright, energetic colors and prints, and his Moschino Fall ’18 Ready to Wear collection was no exception. His inspiration was immediately evident as Kaia Gerber opened the show in a matching vivid red 60’s style skirt suit, pillbox hat and a bouncing bouffant bob a la Jackie-O. The suits continued, embellished by zipper accents, in dreamy pastels and bright colors, creating a parade of Stepford First Ladies, until model Hannah Elyse emerged covered in orange body paint underneath her prim and proper suit. Yes, Scott loves him some color, but it turns out he also had some interesting reasons for drip-drying several of his models in a primary color body suit.



On the surface of the collection, yes, it was obviously inspired by the dichotomy between two fabled women, dressed in Jeremy Scott’s fantasy world. Jackie Kennedy as the First Lady, with her gloves, hat and perfect hair; and Marilyn Monroe, the silver screen goddess appearing in crystal encrusted sparkling gowns with added bursts of colorful satin. But dig a little deeper into the connection between these two women and you will find the conspiracy theory that Jackie was a rumored extraterrestrial, found out by her husband, JFK, and his mistress, Monroe, who were both assassinated for finding out the truth; hence the out-of-this-world body paint signifying Jackie’s alien heritage. Drawing on inspiration large and humorous enough to house his ideas is a Jeremy Scott speciality, and while he produced a reasonably toned down (for Scott world), modest, and surprisingly easy to wear collection, the motivation behind the clothes are what propels this collection forward.


Written by Elizabeth Kramsky
Visuals by Olga Sorokina
by Gerson Lirio,  Quentin de Ladelune

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