A Declaration of Freedom

Miuccia Prada invited us to the nearly finished tower, the building which marks the completion of Fondazione Prada complex in Milan. The view from the tower was of the unique skyline of the city, illuminated by Prada neon signs situated just outside the location. Moments before the lights went down, a drone appeared to record the show.

“Tonight I have some kind of pride to invade this place of culture with fashion,” Miuccia Prada said backstage. She continued to speak about fashion and art, and how she works closely with both and has tried to keep them separate in the years, now changing her mind. 

‘The Night’ was the title of the collection and the influences of it were constant in the clothes and during the whole show. Starting from the black floor, which allowed a clear declaration of the concept behind this collection. Backstage, Prada expressed her will to showcase a strong sense of femininity and to encourage women to be free, without fear, even at night.

Prada’s latest show was almost a political statement. She wanted to give a voice and empower women in a way only she can do. Using bold fluorescent colours, and playing with unusual materials, she crafted clothes that resembled feminine armours worn by fighters. She stated: “I thought of a free, strong and feminine woman”. There were nylon printed coats and thin nylon dresses, wool bustiers with masculine checks or camel colours, tulle overlying wool gowns, bows on oversized coats, and rubber boots with nylon drawstring legs covering and ID cards pinned to breasts.

This collection was not only a proclamation of freedom towards women but also regarding a self-expression of dressing. Almost saying, it’s ok to wear what you want and what makes you feel comfortable. At Prada, clothes are, and communicate, ideas, becoming a political and personal statement that daily walks into society.

Written by Michele Zeni
Visuals by Olga Sorokina
Photo by Gerson Lirio

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