There are moments in fashion when a sight can overwhelm with it’s perfection. When past, present and future are aligned in a harmonious manner and poetry is written. When the spectacle isn't about making a statement, or voicing an opinion, or telling a story, because the show IS the story, and it can be different for everyone involved. These are the moments when fashion can transcend “clothing” and become a part of your dreams, and that is exactly what Anthony Vaccarello achieved with his Spring/Summer ’18 collection for Yves Saint Laurent.

Set on a wide platform, in the wake of a glittering Eiffel Tower set against the balmy Parisian night sky, a smoke machine delivered gentle plumes onto the runway, setting the scene like an old black and white romance, as the first models began their walk. Saint Laurent’s romance with Marrakesh has been widely documented, brought forth recently by the passing of his partner in business and romance, Pierre Bergé, so the breezy souks were an effortless place to begin the new season. Models started out in flowing Victorian tops and baggy shorts, with exotic jewelry adorning necks and ears. Moving into embellished pieces paired with black leather shorts, which appeared constantly throughout the collection. Vaccarello kept hemlines sky-high, as he is prone to do, with the occasional pant thrown in made of leather and lace. Mini skirts and shorts were paired with navel baring tops in sheer black and white lace, feathers danced off of shoulders and behind shoe straps and volume took center stage as the nightlife portion of the show began. Bulbous dresses and skirts hung off the models like ornaments, still high enough for the endless parade of legs to be the main attraction.

There was an air of inclusiveness with this latest collection, although not every woman wants to be engulfed in a ball of feathers, there were several other accessible pieces for the YSL woman, such as a stunning black sequined jumpsuit with a daring cleavage plunge, as well as a sharply tailored coat with winged shoulders paired with blacks shorts and a sheer top on model Binx Walton. There was endless sex appeal, but Parisian in nature in that it can be as obvious or subtle as you choose. And then there were the boots. Vaccarello made waves last season with his silver sequined slouch boots, and rode that wave into 2018 with thigh high fringe and feather adornments. When your location is as stunning as the Eiffel Tower, and yet your collection still manages to overshadow, you know you’ve succeeded on every level. Bravo, Mr. Vaccarello.