Traveling is one of the most marvelous things in this world. While traveling you may not avoid getting your seats switched or you flight being delayed but at least you can look and feel great while it happens. As Rachel Zoe quotes “ Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak. “

#1 – Keep your makeup simple

If you feel like getting all glammed up for the day, go for it! But overall, you will find you feel much more comfortable and fresh if you keep your makeup simple when you travel, especially on your way to your destination - as recycled plane air is known to be incredibly drying. I personally feel fresh and ready with a BB cream as a base, some mascara to make my eyes look bright and awake and finally some lip moisturizing. 

#2 – Trade your heels for flats

You never know when you'll have to run to catch a connection flight, so heels are definitely a no! And besides, heels are no good while exploring or walking through a city. But just because you're sticking with flat shoes doesn't mean they have to be boring.Tory Burch flats are never a disappointment! 

#3 - Pack essentials in your handbag

There are a few things you should have with you at all times to keep yourself feeling fresh, stylish, and most importantly, comfortable. For example: moisturizer, concealer, mascara, lip balm, phone, money and sunglasses. Sunglasses are a must - they never fail to add a stylish and chic look to your outfit. 

#4 – Wear clothes you're comfortable with

The trick to looking good is feeling good. While packing, make sure yo're taking with you what you truly like and what makes you feel good about yourself and your style. Know how the weather will be at your destination so you can plan and organize your outfits when packing.


#5- Pack a stylish hat

When your hair looks less than amazing thanks to an early morning boarding call or it simply decides not to collaborate today... A cute hat or a thick headband will hide the evidence, making you look sophisticated! 

#6- Keep your jewelry simple

Chances are you’ll have to take off most of your accessories before going through the metal detector, so avoid anything that takes more than a few seconds to remove. Also avoid wearing rings and bracelets that might be easy to drop and lose, as you’re traveling you may never notice when something like this happens until you arrive to your hotel. 


#7- Always bring a jacket with you!

Plane rides can get chilly sometimes and you never know if a wind storm may get your destination by surprise so always bring a chick jacket with yourself (leather jackets are always a win). 

Written by Andrea Mijaresz
Edited by Ligia Maracu


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