With a stunningly perfect Cara Delevingne, Georgia May Jagger and Suki Waterhouse gracing the cover of April’s Vogue UK, I can’t help but wonder, as they stare up at me with those perfect ‘come-to-bed’ model eyes: what must it take to create this three-hundred and twelve page bible called VOGUE? Sure, the models that gleam off of the cover draw you in with their cheekbones alone, but who are the hidden brains behind the beauties? There’s more to these pages than the photo-shoots, and with a little investigation it’s easy to discover what – or who – lies beneath. 

Alexandra Shulman – Editor-in-Chief
As the longest serving Editor-in-Chief in VOGUE UK history, having taken on the role in 1992, Alexandra Shulman is a trademark in fashion royalty – a title she should be used to with a tote full of experience and an OBE under her belt. Beginning her fashion journalism career at The Tatler in 1982, Alexandra worked her way through The Sunday Telegraph, British GQ and Vogue, gaining not only knowledge and a solid reputation in the industry, but also, a determined voice. Alexandra has been criticised on her ‘messy’ appearance not conforming to the style expected by Editors of VOGUE, as well as being firm with the celebrities and models that appear on her covers. Copy and picture approval are not allowed by celebrities, and, aware of the impact that models and thin-spiration can have on the younger generation, Alexandra does her best to fight against the un-achievably thin industry in any which way she can. An inspiration and a positive lead for one of fashions biggest and best magazines.

Jaime Perlman – Creative Director

Jaime Perlman is a woman with a powerful impact in the fashion world of all things creative. Starting her career straight out of University as an assistant to Fabien Baron in America’s Harpers Bazaar, Jaime descended in to the industry during a bleak time for the company, as editor Liz Tilbens’ passing shook the magazine. From there, Jaime took an opportunity to move to VOGUE US, where she worked for five years before receiving an offer as art director in the UK. Promptly moving up to Creative Director, Jaime has been in London for five years now, and has intentions to stay, with her recently launched ‘pet project’ TEST website growing increasingly popular. The site features names such as Henry Holland and Waterproof, as well as opportunities for hundreds of photographers, set designers, stylists and make-up artists with grand promise. In many interviews Jaime has also made it clear of her awareness for the fast moving industry in digital technology and fashion, specifying towards the publishing industries with fashion and the moving image. A lady with her life locked up in her camera roll, and doesn’t she do it well. 

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Lucinda Chambers – Fashion Director/Stylist
Lucinda Chambers is a self-confessed few things. Self-confessed bonkers, self-confessed underachiever in school, and a world-confessed phenomenal stylist. Working her way up the industry ladder in her life, Lucinda has made many decisions and experienced many chance encounters that have left her with high ambition and an admirable reputation. From dropping a secretarial dream to apply for the Hornsey College of Art, Lucinda began to create jewellery with would eventually become popular enough to feature in the printed page. This triggered her inspiration to apply for an interview at VOGUE, working in accounts, a random encounter brought Lucinda up to being assistant to the editor at the time, Beatrix Miller. Three years with Miller then brought Lucinda to being the assistant to Grace Coddington – her own declared ‘Queen of Fashion’. It was here that a lifelong friendship began with legendary photographer Mario Testino, who, together, would create some of the most iconic photographs in VOGUE history. After a short period at ELLE magazine, Lucinda returned to VOGUE in 1992 as Fashion Director, becoming loved by many for her broad vision and personal touch.

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Sam McKnight – Hair Stylist
McKnight is a non-exclusive hair stylist who can be seen often producing the stunning looks that grace the covers of VOGUE magazine, while also independently branching his work far and wide in the world of runway, red carpet, and more celebrities than could be counted. After more than thirty years in the business, Sam is the inspiration behind so many iconic moments in fashion history: Princess Diana’s neat crop, a countless number of looks for icons such as Kate Moss and Lady Gaga, as well as being the inspiration and genius behind working on shoots with names such as Karl Lagerfeld, Mario Testino, Vivienne Westwood and Fendi. With a working history this iconic it can come as no surprise that Sam is one of the most sought after hair stylists in the business, with his most recent work with VOGUE UK being only four months ago, in a complex photoshoot with Kate Moss where Sam had to create ten different looks for her December 2014 cover. Following this, 2015 has brought him to dominate fashion week in every country, only adding more and more of an impressive portfolio to his lifetime of work. 

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Emily Sheffield – Deputy Editor
Emily Sheffield is the go-to girl at VOGUE UK, dipping her toes into so many projects and duties it’s a wonder to any normal civilian how she can keep track of all the important jobs. With her career beginning in journalism, Emily started at the Guardian newspaper, having won their Student Journalism award, opening up a magnitude of doors for her in the worldwide industry – so much so, that she lived in Los Angeles for 18 months freelancing for British publications, an entire new spectrum of work for her from such a young age. Joining VOGUE UK in 2004 and rising to Deputy Editor in 2007, Emily is more recently heavily involved in the VOGUE blog and website, as well as overseeing the Spy section, special features and large commissions, working alongside the art team and travelling to shoots around the world. Although one of the younger members of staff in the upper tier of VOGUE, Emily sure has her work sorted as though she had founded the publication hersef.

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Written by Francesca Lunt
Photographs from models.com, vogue.co.uk, i-d-images.vice.com,jaimeperlman.com